Fexserv Financial Services Ltd, Malta’s leading specialised financial services organisation outside of the banking sector, are enhancing a number of areas to better meet and serve all their clients. Amongst others Fexserv have invested in a Call Centre facility with the latest technology with a young and energetic team. Moreover they are beefing up their Compliance and Security Department with the addition of new staff members to bring their total compliance staff complement to five. The aim behind these developments is to sustain the already very healthy customer centric and compliance culture within the organisation besides assisting towards bringing about swift responses in dealing with any ongoing or arising compliance issues, both internally, as well as with the relevant authorities, that come about from more demanding regulatory requirements. This will be further enhanced with the implementation of a compliance road map which will put training and awareness at the top of the company’s agenda. 

The drive behind the new call centre is one that focuses on giving our customers a standard yet tailored experience which is benchmarked to industry leading organisations within the financial services industry both internationally and also here in Malta. The call centre will not be operating in a vacuum and will be an integral part of Fexserv, so much so that a new extension has been purposely set-up at their San Gwann offices. Albeit the fact that the team is a young one, the recruitment has been handled in such a way that it was ascertained that the overall feel is that of a multi skilled group that is well honed in all the Fexserv products and services. As aptly pointed out by Mr. Chris Hares, Head of Customer Care, “the team is enthusiastic, professional and highly motivated and always looking to improve our customer’s experience.”

Finally, in addition to these improvements, Fexserv has in recent months strengthened their Foreign Exchange and Treasury Department with the addition of Mr. James Marston, a seasoned professional who for many years occupied a senior position within the Foreign Exchange division of Bank of Valletta. Mr. Marston joined Bank of Valletta in 1977 and was responsible for the overall position of the Bank in the Foreign Exchange markets notably Spot and Forward Trading. His enrolment has brought a wealth of specialised knowledge and experience gained at the cutting edge of the Foreign Exchange markets with one of Malta’s largest financial institutions. Fexserv trusts that his knowledge will help contribute to improve the company’s position in the forefront of the FX market and trading.

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